Digital Nomad Visa

Portugal has officially joined the visa program for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens, which is, in fact, aimed at so-called digital nomads.

Residency Visa – Someone who works remotely and online from another country (more permanent stay arrangement)

Temporary Stay Visa – Someone who travels from country to country while working online (temporary residency regime)

This new document aims to cover both types of nomads, since Portugal is the chosen destination for both, registering an increasingly evident growth trend.

The digital nomadic visa is valid for two entries and allows its holder to stay in Portugal for an initial period of 4 months.

However, after that 4-month period expires, the digital nomad visa also allows you to obtain a residence permit in Portugal for two years. After this period, you can renew your visa for another 3 years. After this period, you can obtain a permanent residence permit after 5 years.

This visa can be granted to freelance professionals, distance workers and digital nomads, the attribution of the visa seeks to respond to all of them, since it refers to “professionals who work at a distance, outside the national territory, whether they work for an employer , have liberal professions or are entrepreneurs”.

Telecommuters who earn at least 2,820 euros a month can apply for Portugal’s “digital-nomad”.

This visa allows workers, self-employed or under an employment contract, to work from Portugal for entities with domicile or headquarters outside the national territory, without the need for another type of visa.

In employment contract situations, the visa application must be accompanied by:

Employment contract;

Promise of the employment contract;

Employer’s statement proving the employment relationship.

In the case of independent work, the application must be accompanied by:

Company contract;

Service provision contract or proposed service provision contract;

Document that demonstrates the services provided to one or more entities.

Necessary documents:

Get a Portuguese NIF number;

Open a bank account in Portugal;

Valid passport that is valid for six months after your visa expires;

Two passport-sized photographs;

Cover letter indicating the reason for your stay;

Proof of self-sufficient financial situation;

Proof of accommodation (or lease agreement for 12+ months);

Take out full health insurance;

Apostille criminal record;


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