Immigration and Nationality

The Law Office, Santos & Pereira, Matosinhos, Porto provides legal support to foreign citizens and their families. Our lawyers have a lot of experience in entry and stay processes in the country. The legalization of foreigners and nationality is one of the areas in which we have more years of practice and processing of processes and support in complementary procedures, such as, when applicable:

  • Elaboration of leasing contracts;
  • Preparation of employment contracts;
  • Notarial acts, such as certifying documents and signatures, translating documents from different foreign languages ​​into Portuguese and certifying translations.

Our services are aimed at all foreign citizens who wish to reside legally in Portugal, or obtain a residence permit and still obtain Portuguese nationality.

What we do:

  • Legal support in granting residence visas;
  • Visa to carry out a subordinate professional activity;
  • visa for carrying out an independent professional activity or for entrepreneurial immigrants;
  • Visa for teaching, highly qualified or cultural activities;
  • Visa for highly qualified activity carried out by a subordinate worker;
  • Visa for research, study, exchange of secondary school students, internship and volunteering;
  • Family reunification visa.
  • Legal assistance in the entire procedure with the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), from the expression of interest to the actual receipt of the residence permit;
  • Legal support in the procedure for granting long-term resident status;
  • Legal support in the procedure with the Foreigners and Borders Service for renewal of the residence permit;
  • Legal support in tax and social security matters;
  • Legal support in the preliminary process and registration of marriage or de facto union;
  • Legal support throughout the procedure with the Civil Registry Office regarding:
  • Marriage or de facto union with Portuguese;
  • Born in Portugal;
  • Residence in Portugal;
  • Adoption by Portuguese;
  • Portuguese who have lost their nationality;
  • Minors whose parents have acquired Portuguese nationality;
  • Descendants (children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren) or ascendants (parents/grandparents) of Portuguese citizens;
  • Descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews;
  • Citizens of former Portuguese colonies.
  • Research of documents at District and Central Archives and Civil Registry Offices;
  • Obtaining a beneficial tax regime applicable to non-habitual residents.

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